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13th Circuit Court Records Search

Antrim, Grand Traverse, Leelanau Counties

Civil cases include all appeals from district court and removal from district court, civil damage suits
which include personal injury, auto negligence, medical malpractice and other damage suits.
Other civil matters which include business claims, contract and others.  Domestic relations cases
are also included on this database and include divorces, family support and paternity.

Current federal law prohibits providing information over the Internet about personal protective orders
that would be likely to reveal the identity or location of the petitioner.  Therefore, PPO cases are no
longer contained on this website. Please call the Clerk's office directly to conduct a search regarding a PPO:

Antrim County Clerk 231-533-6353
Grand Traverse County Clerk (Court Records)   231-922-4710
Leelanau County Clerk 231-256-9824

**** Antrim and Leelanau county civil case records are now included ****
Please contact the Courts Records Office in the County the case was filed (or visit each county's website)
regarding questions concerning the docket entries, office hours, and fees.

Search by Plaintiff or Defendant name or Case number. If partial last name is entered, then first name must be left blank.

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